1965 Aydin Turkey 1986 Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts. Department of Graphics

2018 “Bum Spider” Siyah Beyaz, ANKARA
2016 ''The Face is Everything'' Art On, ISTANBUL
2015 ''Sleep of the Darkness'' Pi Artworks, ISTANBUL
2014 ''When the Time Comes'' Pi Artworks, LONDON
2012 "Labyrinth", Pi Artworks, ISTANBUL
2010 "Crash", Pi Artworks, ISTANBUL* "If You Kill The Devil In Me, You Will Also Kill The Angel", Pi Artworks, ISTANBUL
2008 "To Have", Mac Art Gallery, ISTANBUL
2007 "Control Room", Milli Reasurans Art Gallery, ISTANBUL
2005 "Invasion", Evin Art Gallery, ISTANBUL
2003 "Night Garden", Evin Art Gallery, ISTANBUL
2002 "Ordinary Things", Pg Art, ISTANBUL
2001 "Fake Images 11th Istanbul Art Fair, Goruntu Art Gallery, ISTANBUL 
"Nothing", Pg Art, ISTANBUL
1999 Arda Art Gallery, ANKARA
1998 Goruntu Art Gallery, ADANA "Twilight", Tesvikiye Art Gallery, ISTANBUL
1997 "Faces and Things", Reform Art Gallery, ISTANBUL
1992 Kare Art Gallery, ISTANBUL 


2014 Armory Show, Pi Artworks, USA
2014 Yalay Centre ,HONG KONG
2012 Art Dubai, Pi Artworks, DUBAI
2011 Contemporary Istanbul 11, Pi Artworks, iSTANBUL *Art Beat Istanbul, Pi Artworks, ISTANBUL *Marrakech Art Fair, Pi Artworks, MOROCCO
2010 Contemporary Istanbul'10, Pi Artworks, ISTANBUL *"Contemporary Art From Istanbu Museo Comunale d'Arte Contemporanea, Polignano A Mare, ITALY *"Food", Karşı Art Works, ISTANBUL
2009 Contemporary Istanbul o9, Pi Artworks, ISTANBUL *"Istanbul Modern Berlin", Works from 1928 to 2008 from the collection of Istanbul Modern, Martin Gropius-Bau, BERLIN *"Where is My Privacy?", Casa Dell'Arte, ISTANBUL *New Works, New Horizons Istanbul Modern, ISTANBUL *Scope Basel, Pi Artworks, Basel, SWITZERLAND
2006 "Intersecting Times stanbul Modern, ISTANBUL
2005 "On the Frontiers of Experience", Aksanat, ISTANBUL *"Thief City", Aksanat, ISTANBUL
2005-06 "International Contemporary Painting Biennial of Islamic World'', Saba Culture and Art Center, Tehran, IRAN
2004 "observation, Interpretation, Multiplicity", Istanbul Modern, ISTANBUL *"Nude", Milli Reasurans Art Gallery, ISTANBUL
2003 Artist 2003. The 13th lstanbul Art Fair, Evin Art Gallery, ISTANBUL
2002-03 "Chaos", Karga Art, ISTANBUL 2001 Modern Turkish Exhibition", Topkapl Palace Has Ahirlar, ISTANBUL
2002 Gallery Spectrum, Veliko Turnova, BULGARIA Artist 2002, The 12th lstanbul Art Fair, Evin Art Gallery, ISTANBUL *"Dangerous Things", Karsi Art works, ISTANBUL *"Harem", UPSD Art Center, ISTANBUL
2000 "Four Walls Workshop", Axa oyak Art Gallery, ISTANBUL
1999 "Doors", Pg Art, ISTANBUL Apocalypse Emlak Bank Art Gallery, ISTANBUL "Sharjah Biennial", Sharjah, UAE
1997 "Yesilcam", Reform Art Gallery, ISTANBUL
1995 "Turkish Artists Exhibition", Turkish-American Federation, New York, USA
1990 "Paristanbul", Paris, FRANCE
1986-1987-1991-1993-1994 "State Painting and Sculpture Exhibitions"


1996 IMKB Arts Competition, 1st Place
1994 Mimar Sinan University New inclinations Award
1993 Esbank Yunus Emre, Award *State Painting Exhibition, 3rd Place *Adana cement Industry Painting Competition 1st Place *Esbank Yunus Emre Painting Competition, 1st Place
1991 DYo painting competition, 1st Place
1985 Viking Print Competition, Honorary Award